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About Us

We are Upbeat Stars, a small company specializing in the law of attraction products. We inspire to make a small dent in the universe by being more than yet another physical product store with our products and services.

Being an online exclusive store gives us the freedom to be open everywhere to everyone 24/7, and optimize operations to make sure you get the best deals on the latest products from our partners in Asia and United States.


Happy Mom -> Happy Child -> Happy Future

Based on an inspiration during a morning meditation session, our team leader Masa has created an ebook course focusing on inspiring moms to awaken to their true potentials and manifest lives of their greatest dreams for themselves and for their loved ones.

We are offering this ebook course as a free bonus to all of our customers to present our gratitude and to make a small positive difference in our mad, mad world.

(It’s a complete course and you will not be bombarded with upgrade offers as most free courses do.)

The Secret of Super Mom Success

Freely drawing on a very wide range resources and decades of investigation, this course presents a creative framework for you to realign with your destiny and create a loving and nurturing environment for you and your family without falling into common traps that often traumatize and paralyze children for life.

Super Mom Playbook

This playbook is a collection of tools and techniques designed to help you rediscover your vision and reconnect with your inner creative essence.

Super Mom Resources

This secret list is the juicy core of the course. Armed with the course and these amazing life-transforming resources, you are guaranteed to manifest a new magical and miraculous life filled with love, joy, peace, harmony and sense of wonder for you and your family.